Lazy League Wine Club

Let us make buying wine a Lazy experience.

The Lazy League is a club of wine lovers that love a lazy life. They want their favourite wines to turn up on their doorstep. They want to avoid the mad dash to the shops when friends and family visit because there's NO wine!

So what are the benefits of joining the Lazy League?

  1. You get the BEST price on our wines - NO EXCEPTION.
  2. No ordering - after the initial sign up, it just comes lazily 4 times a year with a selection of our favourites we know you will love.  We can mix the packs to just whites, just reds or make your own selection.
  3. We love gift giving. Whether it’s a wine pourer, a sample of our latest batch of dessert syrup or tickets to our latest events. The longer your with us, the more you will see we reward our loyal Lazy League Members.
  4. You will always be invited first to try our latest releases, visit our vineyard and attend our events.
  5. It just so Lazy and easy!

You can select a mixed case (12) for a half mixed case (6).

Just select the Lazy League option for a Mixed Case or Half Case.

There’s no lazier way to get wine delivered to your door!